Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Roadside Treasure

The chilly temps this morning kept my morning find chilled to the perfect drinking temperature.  Ultimately I decided not to drink it on the way to work.

The mist over Crystal Lake was nice.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adventure Commuting

In retrospect, heading into a wetland preserve the day after 4" of rain, not knowing if there was a trail through with only an extra 20 minutes to spare wasn't my best idea.  The initial thought was "I'll bet Morgan Meadow is pretty today"
This is my third time into this land preserve and it was my third route through.  I've been on two different trails and I was in search of the one that didn't dwindle down to nothing.  After looking at the map and my last 2 routes I followed another major trail that headed in the right direction and seemed promising.  I'd made it approximately 2/3 the way to the point I expected that the trail would meet up with the one I had been on before.   This was approximately the point of no return.  If I gave up and turned back I could still make it to work on time...  But the trail looked promising and it was a beautiful place.  Just a little further in everything was covered in moss and was a beautiful green that I couldn't capture, even though I tried,
After taking this shot I continued on and the trail turned from moss covered rocks to mostly water covered trail,  but, I was past the point of no return, although I did start considering returning.  The trail mostly followed a marshy wetland area and I knew I had crossed over at a point just to the north of where I was.  After about a quarter mile of hike-a-biking I was at the point previously known as, the crossing.  This is where the 4" of rain becomes a more important element in the story.  The water was now almost waist high and moving swiftly.  At this point I had moved passed, probably late for work to definitely late for work.  My choice was to wade through and have wet clothes and shoes for the ride home or find another way across.  Downstream was a pond so I walked upstream to look for a crossing.  Most of it looked like this.
I eventually found a tree across the river that looked like it could possibly support my weight.  I crossed by wheeling my bike across the bottom and using it for balance.  I made it to the other side with no major incidents, found my way back to the trail which was very good on that side of the river and made my way to work.  Overall, I was only 15 minutes later than I wanted to be.

My Take Away: My Timberland Chocorua Trail Hiking Boots are surprisingly waterproof.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

First 5K

I ran my first 5k yesterday.